Art Hotels (update)

I think that it will be intersting to know how many Art Hotels there are.

Until now I was aware only about one very near to my town, the HOTEL ATELIER SUL MARE where every rooms are artworks from different artist.

I just discover another one in New York City…that it is also a cheap hotel YE OLDE CARLTON ARMS HOTEL also in this hotel all rooms are artworks.


Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin

Hotel Fox in Copenhagen

Pelirocco Hotel Brighton, UK

Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris

Hotel Puerta America, Madrid

Hotel Enfrente Arte, Ronda, Analusia, Spain

Reflections Hotel, Bangkok

I invite to post other hotels, please.

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  1. museologist Says:

    Hi. I don’t know any Art Hotels, but they sound like a very interesting idea. But, I’ve been in hotels that have art on their walls (cheap or expensive, known or unknown), yet they are not advertised as art hotels. In fact, I can’t remember any hotel that did not have some sort of art in its spaces.

    Great blog by the way!!! Keep the good work up!

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