Live chat inside a museum

Many of us use AIM, Messenger and now Skype to chat, exchange documents, ideas, opinion etc.

Skype is available in a mobile version for Pocket PC, but now, thanks to a new company based in Vancouver EQO it is possible to have Skype also in many other mobile devices like TREO 650, Motorola etc.

So, witch connection with us? Just an idea, need follow-up and future development:

Using a mobile device (own mobile device, not a rented one) visitors can chat in real time with other visitors and, more significant, with a museum curator (or any other expert). Visitors can ask information in real time, asking questions about an item or an artwork etc, just chatting…

I repeat, is just an idea, to explore. Obviously it is convenient (for visitors) if they have a flat rate internet connection.

From your blackberry or from my Treo will be useful to chat to be more aware?

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