Google Calendar

A new intersting tool from Google

Google Calendar

I just start to learn how it work but as a first impression for example will be very good for our blogs and for museums that can share in easy way calendars of events.

UPDATE (directly from Google Blog)

Last week, there was Google Calendar. This week, developers can start writing code that uses it. Enter the Google Calendar data API, which can be used to write external applications that query, create, and update Google Calendar events, so they’re available to Google Calendar users or other API-enabled applications.

My note: this change all things, complete interactivity between museums web sites and Google Calendar

8 Responses to “Google Calendar”

  1. Romain Says:

    I was thinking about that… With all these new services like, or Google calendar, it could be possible to be alerted on new exhibitions…

    But how ? a full list of calendar of events with only opening date or full duration of the exhibitions ? Our calendar would be quickly full of dates.

  2. Amanda Stenlund Says:

    This may be just the tool that can serve as a pop culture calendar to help us market and schedule exhibitions, programs, and more. I want to ask around at Boston if any museum marketing dept. has such a calendar. For example, it would list every honorific month (Black History, Women’s History, etc.), birth and death dates of famous artists (in my museum’s case), historical events, my museum’s anniversaries, etc.

  3. mario Says:

    The useful thing is that it is possible to publish in Google Calendar any personal calendar make with iCal (using Apple Mac) or from a PDA like a Palm.

  4. Romain Says:

    to Amanda

    yes, i see possible use of online calendars to schedule exhibitions but i have difficulties to imagine an easy use of these tools for visitors (to market). Maybe i need to think more about this but how would you announce your current and future exhibitions in such tools ? Date of opening ?

    But it could be a great tool to be alerted, whether you live in Boston or in Paris, of one great exhibitions… If we could find a good way to present information, and if a lot of museums use the same format/standard to offer this information, we could imagine a lot of possibilities.

  5. Amanda Stenlund Says:

    In response to Romain: My imagined use for the calendar would be only internal. So that our marketing staff could use it as a planning tool.

  6. mario Says:

    Use of iCal, first, and similar tools, after, is now very diffuse. Also the chance to sync with agenda in the PDA (PALM, TREO, Blackberry etc) create a way where information can reach users. In Google Calendar, as iCal, is possible to publish and submit calendar. For example if some one put all the AAM/Boston events in a public calendar (I tried to build this calendar but need so much time…) every one can submit to it and in a click my agenda in my Treo can be update with every event. Same thing for event of a Museum. Can be a service destinate both to tourist and museums members. Members can update their agenda with special dedicated event, tourist can be easy update about exhibition, opening hours etc.
    Also for exhibition it is very useful to put in the calendar and not only with the refers to the inauguration but to all the duration of the exhibit that anyone can see in the calendar as a fix event (an event without time but that cover many days or months).
    I think that this step by google will be very significant for the museums community.

  7. mario Says:

    …and…don’t forget that a calendar exporting from iCal or Google Calendar it is possible to upload and to read in the iPod!! Visitors don’t need a PDA to access the calendar…just an iPod

  8. mario Says:

    UPDATE…please read the updat ein the original post, now with API it is very simple (!!) to add code in every web site to interact with Google Calendar

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