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Photo Gallery

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

I’m very happy to announce the Mario Bucolo Photo Gallery

A collection of my photos from worldwide cities…and other subjects.

Please vote best photos in the galler. Place any comment here.
thank you. Mario

Art Hotels (update)

Monday, June 12th, 2006

I think that it will be intersting to know how many Art Hotels there are.

Until now I was aware only about one very near to my town, the HOTEL ATELIER SUL MARE where every rooms are artworks from different artist.

I just discover another one in New York City…that it is also a cheap hotel YE OLDE CARLTON ARMS HOTEL also in this hotel all rooms are artworks.


Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin

Hotel Fox in Copenhagen

Pelirocco Hotel Brighton, UK

Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris

Hotel Puerta America, Madrid

Hotel Enfrente Arte, Ronda, Analusia, Spain

Reflections Hotel, Bangkok

I invite to post other hotels, please.

Museums…”old”, just re-open, waiting for a new house…

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

From my recent tour on the east cost…

…”old”..but new wing and work in progress: Boston Museum of Fine Art

DSC052721.jpg DSC05283.jpg

Not only museums…but the Marconi Station Area in Cape Cod, the place from where Guglielmo Marconi transmit the first transatlantic wireless signal

DSC055731.jpg DSC05571.jpg

DSC05572.jpg DSC05570.jpg

Newport, Samuel Whitehorne House Museum


New York, Soho, Campari Art Gallery, the grand opening
DSC05703.jpg DSC05705.jpg

New York, The Morgan Library and Museum, just open with a new project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

DSC05717.jpg DSC05715.jpg DSC05709.jpg DSC05707.jpg

New York…the MoSEX…Museum of Sex


New York…ops…a new museum? ;-)


NYC, A museum wait for a new home

DSC05744.jpg DSC05745.jpg